Jean Servais Somian

Jean Servais Somian studied between Côte d'Ivoire and Switzerland,at the Georges Ghandour carpentry and woodworking workshop in Abidjan,then at the Grand-Bassam craft workshop and finally at the Daniel Beckdesign agency in Lausanne. After many years between Africa andEurope, his creations are mixed and inspirated from his experiences. Produced in very smallseries and endowed with a strong personality, his pieces, which aresometimes at the limit of sculpture, remain nevertheless functionaland utilitarian.

Its contemporarydesign carries with it a part of ancestral influence. One of itscaracteristics lies in the choice of raw materials such as coconut,ebony or amazaque wood but also some upcycled objects of the Africandaily life revisited such as sponge or ancient canoes of fishermen...This is how design products and furrnitures with clean lines arecreated.

His work has beenthe subject of numerous exhibitions in Africa, Europe, the UnitedStates and Latin America. In 2018, he created his design studio inGrand-Bassam.


• Africa Africa, Palazzo Litta, Milan.

• AKAA Art Fair, LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery & 50 Golborne Gallery, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris.
• Dubaï Design Week, Africabydesign, Dubai.
• Art Paris Art Fair, 50 Golborne Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris.
• The space between, 50 Golborne Gallery, London.

• Babitopie, Exhibition with the artist Ana Zulma, LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery, Abidjan.
• Dakar Martigny, Martigny Museum, Switzerland.
• Art Paris Art Fair, 50 Golborne Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris.
• AKAA Art Fair, 50 Golborne Gallery, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris.
• Personnal Exhibition, MASA (Marché des Arts et Spectacle Africain), Abidjan.

• Tropisme, 50 Golborne Gallery, London.
• Now Le Off, Paris Design Week, Design and Textile Museum, Paris.
• Africa Design Days, Fondation ONA, Villa des Arts of Rabat and Casablanca.

• Adjapadiai, Personnal Exhibition, Arts pluriels Gallery , Abidjan.
• Abidjan Art Festival, Fondation Amadou HAMPÂTÉ BA, Abidjan.
• Dialog, Philippe Lawson Gallery, Paris.
• Melting-Potes, Montparnasse Museum, Paris.

• Made in Côte d’Ivoire, Personnal Exhibition, Arts pluriels Gallery, Abidjan.
• Abidjan Now Design, Prix Archibat Design, Salon ARCHIBAT, Abidjan.
• African Week, Unesco, Paris.

• Les Demoiselles de Grand-Bassam, Personnal Exhibition, Arts pluriels Gallery, Abidjan.

• Festival Afrique dans tous les sens, Quai Branly Museum, Paris.

• Festman, La Medina Biscuiterie, Dakar.

• PANAF Festival Culturel Africain, Safex, Alger.

• Visionen fur Africa, Aachen, Germany.
• Afrique Miroir, Dak’Art 8ème Biennale Internationale de Dakar, Dakar.

• Lucien Pellat-Finet, installation vitrine, Paris.

• Biennale internationale du Design de Saint-Étienne, France.

• Domspitzen Charity Gala, Personnal Exhibition, Cologne, Germany.
• Collection Azurretti, Personnal Exhibition, Newsworld Agency, Paris.

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