Johanna Mirabel 

Lives and works in Paris. 

 Born in 1991, Johanna Mirabel is a French artist of Guyanese and Caribbean origin who graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.Through her works of painting and sculpture, the artist develops a search for representation that oscillates between abstraction, expressionism and realism. These quiet scenes merge different stories and memories by composing images where spaces interpenetrate, perspectives are false and overlap. By using lush vegetation, partially present and disparate objects, she stages contradictions and juxtapositions that evoke the complexity inherent in life between several cultures.Inspired by the lyrical Creolization of Édouard Glissant, her work develops pictorial forms which always seem to be in motion and in which the characters - the artist or those close to her - find themselves, for their part, embedded, nested or ready to merge in their changing environment. Navigating between painting and sculpture, Johanna Mirabel invites us to inhabit her paintings, to explore them mentally as parallel realities. A world that is neither so close to reality, nor so far away.

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