Hélène Jayet

Hélène Jayet is born in 1977 in Île de France. She obtained a National Degree in visuals arts at École supérieure des beaux-arts de Montpellier. Then, she completed her formation by studying photography and photojournalism. After more than ten years in Paris, she moves to Montpellier where she joins during two years a group of artists named the Transit Collectif. Collaborating with the press for portraits and reports, she also supports students and high school students in photographic creation workshops.

Her images deal with intimacy, history, memory and identity issues. She has been working on adoption for several years. She also explored the Château d'Eau district in the 10th arrondissement of Paris in search of the craziest hairstyles as part of her “Chin-up– colored only!” project.

Recently, Hélène Jayet moves away from photography to develop a new approach to image. Between drawing and photography, the artist puts black dots like a swarm of dark pixels on archival photographs and landscapes, thus blurring details. With this technique mixing realism and abstraction, past and present, the artist plays with our perception categories. It is then necessary to take a distance with the image to find the original silhouettes and shadows. Though this work, the artist questions our relation to images at the time of social networks and mass advertising. Hélène Jayet presented for the first time, with the Véronique Rieffel Gallery, the series “Blad Soud” at AKAA digital in 2020.

Hélène Jayet’s work has been exhibited at the Framer Framed gallery in Amsterdam, the Blachère foundation, the BOZAR museum during the Summer of photography in Brussels, the Circulation(s) festival in Paris, at the Bamako Photography Biennial in Mali. Her work was also exhibited at the Afrikan Museum in the Netherlands and during the international photography festival in Brazil. Her seriesAdoptés, l’origine de l’histoire” was part of the final selection for the Photography price of l'Académie des beaux-arts –Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière in 2011. Recently, in march 2020, Véronique Rieffel Gallery presented Hélène Jayet’s work during the Nuit des galeries at the Bushman Café in Abidjan.

Since 2009, she has been actively involved in the promotion of photography within the Freelens  association – recognized as a public utility – and has become its vice-president.

Also Knonw as Africa, AKAA Art & Design Fair

12 - 14 Nov. 2021

Carreau du Temple, Paris

This year for Also known as Africa AKAA 2021, the Galerie Véronique Rieffel presents an exhibition entitled Portraits de femmes with Johanna Mirabel, Olga Yaméogo, Hélène Jayet and Anico Mostert.


Du sam. 03 juil. au dim. 11 juil.

Cheveux frisés, rasés, tissés, nattés, twistés, relaxés, dreadlocks, Bantu knots … s’intéresser au cheveu noir peut paraître anecdotique. Pas pour l’artiste Hélène Jayet qui y voit un moyen de convoquer l’histoire, la mémoire, les origines, les questions identitaires et politiques. Hélène Jayet photographie ces coiffures depuis plusieurs années. En menant un travail documentaire en immersion dans des salons de coiffure africains ou à travers son studio itinérant dans lequel elle invite les participants à prendre la pose avec la consigne Chin Up, tête haute et menton levé, pour tenir tête et exposer fièrement leur identité africaine.

Dans le cadre de United States of Africa, Hélène Jayet investit les espaces extérieurs de la Halle Tropisme, joue de ces recoins et de ces perspectives pour faire dialoguer des visages et des scènes de la vie quotidienne de certains salons de coiffure, parfois intimes mais toujours pudiques.

Dans le cadre du festival United States of Africa

Source et informations pratiques: https://tropisme.coop/agenda/usa_helene_jayet

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